About Us

Since 2010, Washington Eats is a publication built for the people of DC! Our team consists of local contributors that love to eat and be involved in the community. Our contributors are the “know it all’s” of DC.

They know the best places to eat,  the best events to attend and who the real influencers are in the community .

How We Accomplish This

We’re always on the lookout for the next interesting foods, new restaurant opening and events. At times our contributors are invited and sometimes we just pop-up to document the event. We have no reservations to the type of establishments we will attend. Fancy restaurants, bakeries, dive bars, diners, happy hours, cultural events are all the list.

Contributor from Washington Eats are not food critics, we’re experience trackers. All content published (unless otherwise noted) is a subjective view of an individuals experience at an establishment or event.

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