10+1 Washington DC Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow

Washington, DC is full of artist and influential individuals.

Here are 11 Washington DC Focused Instagram accounts that will give you another perspective on places that you see everyday.

Washington DC Instagram Accounts


What we like about this account is the unique post processing of photos. In this photo of the Washington Monument, it looks like it was taken in another dimension. The stars and black and white really provide character to the photo.

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Jeremy travels throughout the area to gather his photos.  In Instagram world it’s normal to see photographers focus in a particular area like landscapes, monuments, food, people and pets. Jeremy doesn’t discriminate and photographs whatever he feels is worth capturing and we like the uniqueness of this.


Iulia is pretty new on the scene and just recently started actively posting on Instagram.  On this lifestyle account she shares photos of landscape, monuments, food and even her shoes. Moreover, all the photos are taken with an iPhone. What makes feisty foreigners account special is finding different angles and perspectives on normal things. She makes the ordinary spectacular.


People are important and Issa shows you just that. Individuals are diverse and complex, his images are of people living in the movement.  No doubt that on this account you can truly understand that a “picture is worth a thousand words.” 

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Another new comer is Jennifer Kaye. Her account truly showcases Washington DC. From monuments, airports, nature, museum, landscape and nature she captures a variety of scenes. Additionally, her post processing skills are exceptional which allow her to highlight different aspects of the picture to create dimension and life.


Like @feisty_foreigner, @let.light.shine finds opportunities for photos whenever the moment fits. With, arguably, some of the best captures of light and shadows in Washington, Let Light Shine will capture your imagination with every picture he takes.

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Kenn Korb captures the city’s contrasts with his photos. In what he calls #agameoftones, he showcases photos with different, sometimes contrasting color tones allowing the photos to tell the stories of the city that few others can. What’s more, sometimes he adds a little pinch of socio-political activism, perhaps as a reminder that we live in Washington after all.

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Sam Ray reminds us that art is all around us. With every photo he posts, he seems to be telling us to be more present and enjoy the environment around us. Perhaps if we stopped for a moment and looked around us being truly present in that moment, we would find so much beauty in the everyday stuff we could easily take for granted. He wants us to watch the flowers, enjoy the sun and even see the shadows cast by the beautiful spots of light by night.

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Tom Kish documents what he eats in his travels within and without Washington DC. We love the way he makes art out of the food he eats from restaurants, reminding us about all those times we were so hungry, rushed into a restaurant, and ate our fill without thinking through the effort and skill that went into preparing that food. Consequently, Tom Kish photos will slow you down the next time you eat out as well as inspire you to try new foods.

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A quick glance at Dom’s photos, it looks like a collection of random photos of his daily endeavors. However, a look closer reveals that there is nothing random about his photos; each piece is a meticulous capture of a moment in time, as he puts it, “or it didn’t happen.” His is a collection of moments in the U.S. Navy, at the Pentagon, Congress hearings and everything in-between, including “dogtography” and boxing.

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Honorable Mention


We’d be unhinged not to mention our own account. Follow our account and we’ll show you all the crazy, fabulous and creative food the Washington DC area has to offer.

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