Hive at the National Building Museum

Located minutes from the Verizon Center and about four blocks from the National Mall, the National Building Museum’s exhibits take a closer look at innovative architectural designs.

This summer the museum is presenting the public with Hive, its most recent installation to join the Summer Block Party series of temporary structures.

Hive, built by Studio Gang, takes over the museum’s Great Hall rising almost as high as its 75-foot majestic Corinthian columns. Reaching almost 60 feet tall, the installation is comprised of more than 2,500 wound paper tubes that are both recyclable and renewable. The tubes vary in size from several inches to 10 feet high creating three interlocked domed chambers which can also be viewed from the upper floor balconies of the museum. The entire structure is silver on the outside and a bright magenta on the inside. Once inside, one can play with tube like instruments suspended in the air to experience the acoustic properties of each chamber. Don’t be scared to let loose and be a child again!

Studio Gang, a Chicago based urban design practice, “uses design as a medium to connect people socially, experimentally, and intellectually” and in my sincere opinion, their goal has been achieved with Hive.

Open to the public June 4 – September 4, Hive is a family friendly exhibit. And if you’re anything like me and love to take pictures, the whole experience will take up to an hour of your time. If Hive is not enough reason to visit the National Building Museum, don’t despair because the museum offers plenty of events throughout summer. From Hive related performances and talks to a weekly backyard barbecue which features food, beverages and live music, the museum has planned an array of activities for both children and adults.

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