Iron Ice Ice Cream is a pleasure for foodies

Sunday is usually my sleep in day, but I had no luck yesterday as it was the National Ice Cream Day and my Instagram was simply bombarded with all my friends’ stories celebrating this classic dessert. After about an hour of torture looking through everyone’s stories and pictures, I decided it was time to get out there and have some ice cream (like I really needed a reason).

All of my friends can verify my insane addiction for dessert, especially if it’s Instagram friendly. So instead of hitting my usual ice cream spots yesterday, I was on a mission to find something different and that is how I stumbled upon Iron Ice in Centreville, VA.

Pick Your Puffle

Located in a small shopping center right off of 66, Iron Ice offers a different approach to ice cream – a puffle cone.

What is a puffle cone? It’s an edible bubble wrap like waffle inspired by the popular Hong Kong street snack, the egg cake. Add a scoop of ice cream, various toppings and voilĂ ! You’ve got yourself an ice cream puffle.

Ordering this dessert is as simple as saying ice cream. First choose your puffle flavor – original, chocolate or matcha. Next pick your ice cream out of the 12 offered flavors, including unique ones like Lychee and Rum Raisin. Then add the toppings and let me tell you they have a ton of those. However, if you’re not feeling all that adventurous on your visit, they also recommend four different combos, one of which is surely to satisfy your taste buds.

While the ice cream puffle is their main “attraction”, Iron Ice also offers fruit chillers which are iced drinks with a base from a selection of black or green tea, soda, or aloe vera topped with fruit chunks, poppers and/ or lemon slices. With five different flavors (blueberry, lychee, peach, mango, strawberry), I opted for the peach chiller. It was very refreshing and well balanced.

Even though the ice cream puffle is quite the hype in California, Iron Ice was rather underwhelming. Fairly Instagram-able, the ice cream flavors tasted generic and left a lot to be desired. With a hip tiny interior, they are worth a visit nonetheless.

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