Teas’n You Bubble Tea in Tysons Corner, VA

With such a vibrant market of bubble tea places in the DMV, one may wonder why bother? But for a bubble tea lover, Teas’n You was a highly anticipated addition to the other establishments with bawdy names (Chasin’ Tails and Roll Play) under the Happy Endings Hospitality umbrella.

Teas’n You Bubble Tea Bubble Tea

First things first: for those of you who don’t know, bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea or simply boba) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink. Ordering the drink entails choosing a tea flavor, dairy options, sweetness and ice levels, as well as picking the chewy add-ons such as tapioca pearls, fruit jellies and real fruit.

Teas’n You offers a great variety of specialty and milk based teas brewed from organic loose-leaf tea. Unlike most of its boba competitors, it also serves bakes goods and savory snacks. As with most new places, I tend to order most of the menu to get an accurate sense of the restaurant (also I’m a fat kid at heart). I ordered the following: White Rose Cream Tea and Honey Green Milk Tea from their teas; Fruity Pebbles and Unicorn macarons, and a regular Doughssant from their baked goods; and the Basil Popcorn Chicken from the salty snacks.

Consisting of rose tea, sea salt cream and topped with rose petals, the White Rose Cream Tea was very well balanced and even though I’m not a big fan of rose flavor, in this case the flavor wasn’t overbearing at all. Instead it offered the tea a refreshing taste. In all honesty I initially ordered it simply for its Instagram-able rose petals, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Honey Green Milk Tea was equally flavorful and I’m happy to say that it tasted like real tea vs flavored syrup.

About a year ago, I was simply addicted to macarons so I consider myself quite the connoisseur. The Unicorn macaron was delicious. Colorful buttercream filling sandwiched between two flaky cookies the color of pastel rainbow tasted so fresh and chewy that I just had to try another macaron. Unfortunately the Fruity Pebbles macaron left me feeling meh. It was lacking flavor and the filling tasted as if it was frozen. The doughssant – a doughnut-croissant hybrid – seemed like an amazing idea when I was looking at it; however, it did not satisfy my need for a doughnut (my latest obsession). It was too greasy and the filling was too abundant, making for a messy dessert.

Teas’n You Savory Delights!

Onto the savory now. I know you must be thinking to yourself “Normal people leave dessert for last”; well folks, I’m not like normal people. Once I had my bubble tea and dessert, I was ready to taste their infamous Basil Popcorn Chicken. Inspired by Taiwanese style fried chicken, it was crunchy, spicy and covered in basil. I usually don’t eat spicy food, but I like to venture out every now and then, which is why this time around when I was asked if I wanted my chicken to be a bit spicy, I proudly said yes not knowing that it was going to be plenty spicy, not just a bit. Regardless, the spiciness didn’t stop me from devouring what was a generous offering of chicken for the price paid.

Teas’s You owners can pat themselves on the back for an amazing staff and a very sleek interior. Their employees were friendly, polite and patient. Always with a smile on their face, they made sure the teas were to my liking; if not, necessary adjustments would be made.  The interior, set in gray and golden accents, offers mini wooden booths with throw pillows and tables for two.

I was definitely impressed by Teas’n You and can see myself going back. It would be a perfect spot to catch up with friends or hang out on a casual date. Give it a try!

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